Why Do You Need A Whole House Water Filter?

pure water from every faucetIt is definitely fitting to have a water filter on your shower head or kitchen sink. However, you should also consider having a water filter the rest of your house. Most well and tap water contain levels of contamination from environmental and industrial pollution. It doesn’t matter the source, all water is likely to be contaminated. Contaminants could be naturally occurring minerals or man-made chemicals. Surface water such as lakes and rivers could be contaminated by industrial waste, pesticide or storm water runoff or even acid rain. Groundwater such as public water supplies or private wells could be contaminated by leachate from septic systems and landfills, agricultural chemicals, hazardous household products and disease-producing pathogens. Repeated exposure to these contaminants could lead to serious health concerns. Therefore, it is necessary to filter all water sources in your house to avoid these complications.
Despite the fact that water from municipal sources is treated, you are still exposed to a number of contaminants. A whole house water filtration system, like the AquaOx whole house filter, offers you greater protection against these contaminants.

Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration

Clean, filtered water from each source of water in your house

Once the home is equipped with a whole-house water filter, you can be sure that each drop of water that comes into your house is safe and clean for use. You can be sure that even water from the bathroom or backyard sprinkler will be safe for consumption.

Safety from chemical oil spills

National water supply is always in a vulnerable position. Take, for example, the chemical spill in West Virginia. Whole-house water filtration protects your entire household in case there was a chemical or oil spill into the nation’s water sources. Once you install a whole-house filter, you can be protected from events like this one. Consider it a preventive measure. Better to be safe than sorry. Even if the water source is never compromised, you still profit in terms of removal of hard water deposits that trouble most cities.

Chemicals like chlorine are eliminated

As soon as the water goes into the plumbing system of your home, chemicals such as chlorine are eliminated so that they are no longer released into the air. This is useful because it alleviates the effects of asthma for those already suffering from it. Whole house water filtration provides cleaner breathing air all around the house.
Also, eliminating chlorine from water used to wash dishes prevents the release of chlorine vapors in the air and also reduces soap scum on your dishes. The softened water will lead to spotless glasses and scale free showers.
Chlorine and other chemicals, once eliminated, no longer become embedded in your clothing. It will lead to softer, brighter and longer lasting clothing.
Minerals contained in hard water makes it difficult to use in everyday household activities. Hard water leaves build up deposits on shower heads, making it hard for water to get through. In case you have had trouble with shower water trickling out, the issue may have been hard water buildup. Hard water also leads to ugly stains in your toilet bowl and sink. Hard water also makes washing a difficult task because it reduces the ability of soap to form foam.

Reduced exposure to chemicals

Our bodies are constantly exposed to artificial chemicals in food, water, and the air. Whole-house filtration provides a way through which you can reduce this exposure. A whole-house filtration system is especially necessary where you have occupants in your house with vulnerable immune systems such as young children, sick people and the elderly.

Extended life of water using household pipes and appliances

A whole-house water filter can lead to an extended period of use of pipes and other household appliances due to reduced chemicals that would otherwise cause them to wear out faster.

Healthier hair and skin

Installing a whole-house water filtration system means that even your shower water will be free of contaminants. You can be assured if healthier showers and baths. In the long run, this will lead to healthier skin and hair for those in your household.
It may seem like too much of a task, but whole-house filtration is a simple undertaking that will ensure the health of you and your household.
We mentioned the AquaOx system above. If you would like more information, you can visit their website or the AquaOx Filters LinkedIn Company Page.

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Living in Kelowna,
Andrew Smith
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250-979-8066 or Toll Free 1-877-330-5884