Top Renovation Tips To Sell Your Home Fast with Carpets and Junk Removal

Small or big, house Top renovations Tips

not only help improve your home’s curb appeal and market value but also contributes significantly to how quickly you find the right buyer for the same. While they may seem negligible, house renovations such as installing new light fittings, plumbing fixtures, a new roof, or even a new room can be the difference between selling the house fast and waiting for months. A few important factors (such as budget, the condition of the home, neighborhood, etc.) have to be considered before taking on any renovation project. Discussed below are a few renovation tips and tricks to help give your home a facelift and a better resale value.

1. Work on the Kitchen

The kitchen is among the most important rooms in every home, and a key selling point for most homes. Ensuring the kitchen is in its top condition by giving it a face lift, replacing old appliances with new advanced ones, and even investing in a good counter top can do wonders to the house. If possible, consider adding built-in rubbish bins, proper lighting, water filters, and most importantly, practical kitchen cabinetry. Most new homeowners want a fully functional kitchen work hard to give them just that.

2. Carpets

Stained or worn carpets can turn off a prospective buyer quickly. Contact a reputable cleaning company and ask for a quote and if they feel they can get the stains removed and will the carpets look refreshed? If the carpets are worn call a Kelowna Carpet Store and get a quote on having the carpeting replaced before showing your home.

3. The Bathroom

The bathroom too needs to be practical and in the best condition possible. If your budget allows it, consider adding a second toilet it is becoming a ‘thing’ these days. Aside from the additional toilet, consider installing new fixtures, lighting, faucets, drawers, eco-friendly shower heads, and even replace the toilet seat. You could even consider adding new large mirrors, a bathtub, and even beautiful but anti-slip tiles in the kitchen as well. Make sure the water heater or the instant shower is working correctly.

4. Insulate

No one wants to live in or buy a poorly insulated house. For this reason, have the house inspected for air leaks among other factors that lead to heat loss or gain. The type of insulation installed in the house can also make or break the deal. Having an expert inspect the home for air leakage (using special thermal detectors) can help identify any leaks and have the same sealed. Your doors and windows may also contribute to heat gain or loss. If possible, invest in double or triple glazing to minimize heat loss in the house. You will be surprised how fast the house will sell if these are present.

5. The Roof

Although most roofs last a lifetime, having the roof inspected for broken or missing shingles, leakages, etc., is recommended as well. If some of the shingles need replacing, have an expert work on that. Investing in an entirely new roof can be quite expensive especially if relocating to another place. Having a roofing expert handle all the repairs needed would be the wise move at this point.

6. Improve Curb Appeal

First impressions matter a lot when selling a house. This is the reason why you need to improve your home’s curb appeal by either repainting the entire house, working on the driveway, the backyard, and the garden (if any) too. If no repainting is required, then work on creating more space by decluttering, blowing cobwebs off, and ensuring the garage door is in perfect condition.

7.Junk Removal

Do not under estimate the value of decluttering before putting your home on the market. Remove all Junk and clutter from the home, garage and yard. Having a disposal bin dropped off at your home while you are discarding of debrie will help make your renovation a lot smoother.  Kelowna Junk Removal with AG Roy Disposal can make the preparation of a home sale alot simpler. Have the contain dropped off at the beginning of your renovation and picked up when you are finished.

These are just but a few ways that anyone can use to improve his/her homes curb appeal, functionality, and resale value. As mentioned earlier, your budget will determine how much renovations can be done. It would also be a wise idea to hire a professional contractor to handle the repairs.

If you are thinking of selling, call for our free no obligation market evaluation and we can give you suggestions on renovation tips that will increase the value of your home.

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Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith has over 25 years of experience helping families buy and sell condos and houses

Living in Kelowna,
Andrew Smith
Royal LePage Kelowna
1-1890 Cooper Rd, Kelowna, BC V1Y 8B7
250-979-8066 or Toll Free 1-877-330-5884