Top 2021 Home Interior Color Trends

Top 2021 Home Interior Color Trends


Choosing the right colors for your home can be a challenge. It seems that just when that bedroom or living room painting project is finally done, a newer, more popular color has come around. Luckily, the Benjamin Moore color trend pallet is an easy way to get ahead of things and paint your home with up-and-coming trendy shades.


Aegean Teal

The winner of the 2021 Benjamin Moore palette is Aegean Teal, 2126-40. This dark teal is a beautiful blend of blues, greens, and grays. Best used as a midtone, it adds a layer of depth and interest to any space. Aegean teal is the perfect color for a room with natural light, as its cool tones are the perfect complement to a well-lit space. Pair it with a dusty green, or a neutral grey for a harmonious combination.

Gray Cashmere

Next on the list is Gray Cashmere. This shade is a lovely mixture of clean, pure neutrals that come together to create the perfect hue of green-gray. Gray Cashmere would be a perfect pair to Aegean Teal, or, use it on its own to brighten up any room.

Atrium White

Atrium White is the third color on the 2021 tends palette. Part of the off-white family, Atrium White is a classic and versatile shade. To up the elegance of any room, use this clear, serene color as the main player. Or, as an alternative, take advantage of its versatile nature and use an accent color. Its light tones make it the perfect shade to brighten up a dark room, yet its off-white nature prevent it from being washed-out in a room with natural light.

Foggy Morning

Similar to Atrium White is Foggy Morning. Foggy Morning is a sophisticated and elegant shade, with tones of pink, beige, and grey. It pairs wonderfully with grey-browns, violets, and true beiges. Foggy Morning’s natural tones fill the room with a woodsy, nature-filled sense, and its the perfect choice for either a bedroom or living room. Its versatile undertones make it easy to pair with furniture or accent colors.


Muslin is the next color in this palette. Also part of the off-white collection, Muslin is a darker, more substantial counterpart to Atrium white, boasting beige undertones and a sophisticated aesthetic. It is a mix of over 150 off-white shades, making Muslin a truly unique color. Best used as an accent color, muslin mixes well with any of the other colors offered in the 2021 palette. In a bright room Muslin can stand up to the light, but it can also be used to brighten up a dark room.

Amazon Soil

Starting off the browns in this palette is the shade Amazon Soil. This velvety mix of browns, grays, and purples is a top-tier choice. Because of its darker nature, Amazon Soil pairs best with light and bright shades, like blues, beiges, or creams. Whichever color you choose to pair it with, this paint will add an elegant and unique touch to any room in the house. For the best aesthetic quality, use Amazon Soil in a room that is well-lit, so as not to detract from the undertones that bring this color to life.


Next in the line-up of darker colors is Silhouette. This gray-brown paint is a gorgeous edition to any wall. Its red undertones ensure that its darkness is not overpowering and give it an interesting unique aesthetic. Like Amazon Soil, pair Silhouette with dusty blues and bright beiges to balance out its tones. On its own or when paired correctly, this shade can transform even the most basic of rooms into a serene paradise.

Kingsport Gray

Rounding out the darker tones of the 2021 palette is Kingsport Gray. Part of the Historic Color Collection, Kingsport Gray is one of many in the collection that aim to capture some of America’s historic landmarks. Although it is a gray, Kingsport is a much different shade than the dusty green of Cashmere gray. The gray is offset by brown undertones, making it a perfect pairing for gray-toned creams or orange-toned browns. Use it in any space to add a lovely combination of dark and elegant.

Beacon Hill Damask

Another shade from the Historic Color Collection, Beacon Hill Damask is a gorgeous blend of yellow and neutral. Its soft undertones make it incredibly versatile, and it would be well complemented by browns and off-whites. Use it to brighten and cheer any wall in the house, especially an accent wall that may need a little extra light.

Chestertown Buff

Nearing the end of the palette, Chestertown Buff is an incredible blend of earthy and gentle. Its soft yellow color incorporates warm brown undertones, making it a perfect choice for a classic or contemporary setting. Pair it with gray-toned beiges for a lovely aesthetic.

Potter’s Clay

Potter’s Clay is part of the Designer’s Classics Collection. The dusty-orange-meets-brown mix of hues makes it a timeless and versatile classic than can be integrated into so many different settings. Pair it with a warm gray for a gorgeous accent wall, or cover an entire room.

Rosy Peach

The final color of the 2021 palette is Rosy Peach. Part of the Color Preview Collection, Rosy Peach is ideal for use in any room in the house. This striking red has warm undertones, helping to ensure that it is not overly bright or overpowering. Rosy Peach is the perfect shade for a room that is in need of a deep, clean color to steal the spotlight. Pair it with greens, warm browns, and warm creams for a gorgeous and unique design element.

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