Taxes, Condos and Stats. Kelowna Housing Update

1017 Kelowna homes For Sale

There are 1,017 single family detached residential homes for sale in Kelowna right not as we charge head first into the Springtime market.  We always wish this number was higher and we especially wish there were more affordably priced homes for sale but we’ll have to work with what we’re given.

662 Sales in 2018

There have been 662 sales so far through this year through April 23rd. . The average sale price so far is $758,000.  During the same period in 2017, there were 749 sales selling for an average of $673,000.  In other words, the number of sales is down significantly and prices are remaining high.  Prices jumped last year during the 2nd quarter into the $700s so the beginning of 2018 is a continuation of that trend.

Property Taxes

These numbers are all manageable and taken from a historical sense, they’re pretty good.  It’s wise to be cautious though because our neighbours to the east are in an unfriendly mood and the next six months might be rocky.  Kelowna has done a good job building an economy centering around Calgarians buying second homes with plans of retiring here, Edmontonians investing in pre-sale condominiums and Fort Mac families raising children here while working in Alberta.  Regardless of your political viewpoints, our neighbours won’t invest here anymore if they feel taken advantage of.  As Canadians we’re a pragmatic group and understand that we need roads, bridges and hospitals etc. and this money needs to come from somewhere.  We all grumble at having to pay taxes to keep each level of government operational but at least we’re all in it together. Each of us has to pay the same amount of property transfer taxes when buying in B.C.   We have yet to see the full effect that inter provincial pipeline disputes and empty home taxes will have on Kelowna real estate numbers but if the last three months are any indication, it might not be pretty.   Out of town home buyers are usually more informed about local taxation issues than the locals because they’re making an investment decision as opposed to a shelter decision.  Out of town investors are a sophisticated lot and are able to deal with certainty.  Right now we’re struggling to give them any.

Kelowna Condos

The story is brighter on the condo/apartment side of the ledger.  There have been 409 condo sales 359,000 so far this year compared to 420 this time last year.  With some unprocessed transactions still sitting on Realtors’ desks, we’re probably slightly ahead of last year’s pace.   Prices have jumped from $341,000 last year to  $359,000 so far this year.  The upbeat condo picture is likely to get even stronger as evidenced by all the construction taking place downtown.  As a result of expensive land costs, we’re now a community that has added second time-move up  buyers to the list of investors, first timers and last timers who purchase condominiums.

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