For Sellers in December typical phone call in late November to any real estate agent…. “I want to take our home off the market for December to give it a rest. We’ll put it back on in the new year”.
Seems reasonable. Kids are out of school, relatives might be visiting, mom and dad are likely home a lot more…you get the picture. Who wants to keep a home spotless this time of year? Who wants to have everyone leave the home for an hour for a showing?
After 15 days, this December is proving to be one of the most active Decembers in a long time. I won’t go as far to say it’s a good sign that 2012 will be a banner year for real estate in Kelowna….but it could be. 81 residential sales so far this month with half the month to go. Last year there were 96 for the whole month and 2008 only had 71 sales in December. Why is this December busier? I wish I knew. Maybe the weather, economy, pent up demand. Fact is, it’s a busy month and is shaping up to be the most active Decembers in the past 10 years. Stay tuned. I promise to keep working and do my bit to help keep overall numbers high.
Condominium sales are increasing also. So far there have been 44 condo sales this month (again, with half the month to go) compared to 47 for December 2010. This has been a really strong quarter for condo sales in Kelowna with 233 sales compared to 193 sales for the 4th quarter 2010. Prices have jumped slightly also form $274,000 to $290,000.
The lesson here is that December just might be the best time to sell your house. There are 1,664 homes for sale right now compared to 2,300-2,500 other times of the year and with 135-150 sales projected this month (by me) the odds are best this time of year.
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