Get Your Home Ready To Sell This Fall

Most people don’t have the luxury of thinking about the season when it comes time to put their home on the market. However, each season the real estate market operates a bit differently, and there are certain things that you must do when listing your home in the autumn. Follow through with these items, and you will sell your home more quickly.

Spruce Up Your Landscape

While you should always keep the landscape on your Kelowna property looking good when your home is on the market, it is especially important in the fall. Piles of leaves scattered across your lawn create a poor initial first impression. Trim around the edges and clean up those leaves to get buyers off the sidewalk and through your door.

Make Your Fireplace Prominent

Prospective buyers are drawn to the idea of a warm and cozy fire as the cold weather months approach. If you are lucky enough to have one of these in your home, take the following steps to showcase it:
* Position an area accent rug on the floor directly in front of the fireplace.
* Frame the fireplace with artwork featuring orange, yellow, brown and red, the colors of autumn.
* Place throw pillows near the fireplace for seating.
* Create visual interest by placing candles on the mantel.
These tips will help you draw people into the home and allow them to see it as a place of refuge when the weather outside is bad.

Keep Politics Out Of It

Fall is election time, and many people have political materials on display throughout their home. Since politics tend to be divisive, it’s a great way to turn prospective buyers off. Since political feelings run deep these days, you run the risk of alienating people even if they love your home. Keep the signs in your home neutral so that anyone can imagine themselves living there you want to sell.

Don’t Overdo It

Many people love to decorate their homes to match the seasons. Think pumpkins and scary cats for Halloween or scarecrows and other harvest symbols during the Thanksgiving season. However, while a few of these decorations will make your home more inviting, too many of them will obscure the important details that your buyers need to see to make a decision. You need to give them room to imagine which decorations they would include if they purchased your home. Keep in mind that when your home is on the market, it is about the buyer’s perceptions, and not about you.
It is never a simple thing to sell a home. In any season, a great deal of preparation and planning must be done to be successful. Each season presents its own difficulties, and when you understand them, you can focus on the small things that will dramatically improve your chances of a quick sale. To sum up, your home will sell better when you spruce up your lawn by removing leaf debris, you feature the fireplace, you keep politics outside, and you tone down the fall decorations.
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