Rio Olympics 2016…Back Home In Kelowna

Last non real estate blog for a while. Promise….and this time I mean it.  Still a few days to go in August and we’ve generated 300 residential real estate sales in all areas of Kelowna with an average selling price of $682,000.  August of 2015 was considered a strong month when we sold 290 homes at an average of $555,000.  In other words, the strong year continues.
Jo-Ann and I returned from the Rio Olympics last week after ten days in Brazil.  Both Jo and I were pretty exhausted after two 40 hour/6 airport flights but we’ve bounced back.   We watched Kierra finish 19th in the 100m breaststroke and 7th in the 200 metre and had a great time.  There was so much excitement in the pool over the swimming events highlighted by Penny Oleksiak winning gold in the 100m freestyle.
All the Canadians fans were sitting together and there wasn’t a dry eye amoung us when they played our national anthem.  None of us thought it would be that emotional.    Kierra will be heading back to Minnesota for her final year of university in a week and hopes to continue swimming through Tokyo in 2020.    Jo-Ann and I don’t get to see our kid swim as much as we used to now that she’s on the national team and competes in other countries but in many ways watching her compete in Rio wasn’t all that much different than seeing her swim in Kamloops or Vernon when she was younger.
I have a cousin who lives 10km from the Olympic pool in Rio and we stayed with her family of five.  My uncle was a Canadian diplomat who lived and worked in many countries and one of his daughters ended up living in Brazil (what are the odds of that?)   My brother was with us as was Kierra’s grade 2 teacher and her sister from Saskatchewan.  Two of Kierra’s club coaches made the trip also so we had a pretty large cheering section.  We read all the reports prior to leaving but didn’t see a single mosquito and felt safe the entire time.
It was a lot more beautiful than I was expecting with a zillion miles of oceanfront with dedicated bike and running paths that went on forever.  It was Winter in Rio but the beaches were still active with endless volleyball games and other activities.    Our cousins never even lock their doors when they go out and feel safe in their gated community.  People live in smaller, more modest housing and tend to have larger family get-togethers and celebrations outside of the home.  Children’s birthday parties are rarely held in the home and they rent a large room from many businesses that cater to these sorts of things.  At least from what we experienced, it was a “let’s go outside and do stuff” society.  If interested, there are some more pictures on my facebook page.
Thanks for reading and I promise to bounce back with real estate news and various tidbits about Kelowna’s housing market next time.

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