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Realtors In Other Areas

We work with a network of Realtors across Canada and the United States. We share ideas and marketing tips with Realtors to help them in their markets and they also share like wise with us to help our clients find the real estate help they need.

Canadian and American Realtors

If you are a Realtor outside of the Kelowna area and wish to refer your client you can be assured they will receive award winning service. We will educate them about Kelowna and area and help them select a neighborhood that suits the needs of themselves and their families. We pride ourselves in staying on top of the local school information and market conditions in each area. See what our clients and referring Realtors have to say here in Testimonials

We meet with clients in our office or via phone if they are living outside of the city and discuss what are the most important things for them in a new home. Is it privacy? lakeview? proximity to work, schools or beach? Then we can discuss neighborhoods and which ones offer the most opportunities for the buyers needs. When we have decided on possible areas that would be suitable we can create a list of the homes for sale in their price range and meets their families needs.

Moving to a new city can be challenging and we try to make the smooth as smooth as possible. After we find the perfect home and an offer is accepted on the property we go into overdrive making sure you have great inspectors who can deliver the real news and you are aware of any city plans for the area.

After conditions are removed we will send you a list of the companies and utilities that are need to be contacted before moving day.

We made the move with our family from Vancouver to Kelowna 17 years ago so we do understand

Do you still have questions? Good! We are here to help call or email Andrew Smith and team at 1-877-330-5884 or [email protected]

If you have questions about Real Estate in the USA Please feel welcome to contact us and we can let you know who we would be confident in working with in the city of your choice