Lakes and Parks of Okanagan BC

British Columbia is renowned for its varied landscape of lush green forests, peaceful rivers, sparkling lakes, and enchanting parks. The Okanagan Valley is one of the best places to explore all that BC has to offer, and is a wonderland of adventure for visitors and residents alike. Here the land is bathed in sunshine, and it rarely rains. Below you’ll find some of the most noteworthy lakes and parks in Okanagan BC.
Water Fun and More

Okanagan Lakes

Fresh Water Lakes

Okanagan BC’s lakes make up one of the best recreational options for any outdoor lover. Come take in the abundant sunshine and spend a day at the beaches of some of the valley’s lakes. The Okanagan Valley nourishes crystal-clear lakes with plenty of activity options.
Kalamalka Lake – Named for Chief Kalamalka, who lived at the head of the lake, this body of water is a big draw for beach lovers. The lake is home to two beaches, Kal Beach and Cosens Bay Beach, each of which have countless activity options. Spend the day sunning on the shore, or make a splash swimming, canoeing, paddle boarding, and more in the cool waters.

Spanning over 169 kilometres, Okanagan Lake reaches from Penticton to Vernon.

Lake Okanagan in Kelowna

Okanagan Lake

Located in Kelowna’s Okanagan Lake Provincial Park, this lake spans 110 km and is a favorite playground for many on a hot day, yet is fascinating to explore any time of year.

Osoyoos Lake

The warmest lake in the region, this area enjoys a wonderful climate, which makes it a popular destination for visitors. It’s a desert area, and has several options for water fun, including boat rental, waterskiing, and more.
Taking in the Natural Beauty: Okanagan Parks
Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park is the home of the Kalamalka Lake and spans more than 3, 700 hectacres. The park is also where hundreds of mammals, birds, and reptiles make their home. It’s not unusual to see deer, bears, coyote, and owls on walks of the land.

Myra Canyon Park is where you’ll see some of the most amazing views in Kelowna. It’s a must for cycling fans, with trails made for mountain biking. You can rent bikes or bring your own, and the park is even dog-friendly. You and your furry companion will have fun exploring the miles of trail.

Kalamalka Lake

Knox Mountain Park

Is the largest of Kelowna’s Natural Area Parks. It features great views and is perfect with for activities such as tennis, hiking, biking, winter sports and more. There’s probably no other place where you can see the beauty of Kelowna than Knox Mountain Park, as the summit rises 646 m above sea level.
Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park is rich with history, nature, and recreation options. You’ll find several trail options, and one section to note is Wild Horse Canyon. This section of the park was once used as a trap for wild horses by the local Salish Indians. The park is the only large section of shoreline land undeveloped in the area. It’s great for a day spent hiking, biking, or just walking in the sun.

Okanagan Falls Provincial Park is located just above the Okanagan River, and is a shady spot cooled by the lush trees covering the land. It’s a must for naturalists who want to study and photograph birds and mammals in their natural habitat. The park is home to many birds, including Western wood peewees, Yellow warblers, and Northern Orioles.
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Water sports are enjoyed by both the tourists and locals. Sailing, skiing, wakeboarding, snorkeling, fishing and windsurfing are popular.


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