CMHC’s “Canadian Housing At A Glance” dashboard they just released. Ok Ok….It only goes up to 2008 but it certainly is an eye opener to read. The highlights for me….

1. Holy Cow living in BC is expensive compared to everywhere else. Most of us here could own 3 houses in Thunder Bay or Moncton. They must wonder how we sleep at night with such high housing costs. The trade off is that as of right now, Sept 29 4:14pm it’s 23 degrees Celsius with sunshine in the forecast for next 6 days.

2. How come there were 3.5 people living in a typical Canadian house in 1971 but only 2.5 in 2008. Is this the condo effect? Maybe the Baby boomer effect? It certainly makes you pause and wonder why anyone would build a monster home today.

3. Kelowna Housing Prices just CAN’T crash! The blogosphere is ripe with people thinking houses will drop to levels we used to see in the early 1990’s but there would have to be some sort of catastrophe to reverse those graphs. I suppose everything is possible but you could also argue that we may see chocolate bars priced at 10 cents again too.

Kelowna real estate is always a topic of conversation and where the market is going is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Andrew stays on top of the market stats and can help you make a clear decisions with an investment. Are you thinking of a permanent home or a vacation property? There is a great selection in many price ranges. We would be pleased to send you Free list of available properties in your price range and recommend neighborhoods that will meet your needs..

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