Kelowna Townhouse Living

Kelowna Townhouse Living

Townhomes are popular with new home buyers and empty nesters. A Town house is defined as a home in a strata complex that has it’s own out side entrance. It could be attached to another unit or unattached and stand alone but located in a walled community. Some of the advantages of townhouse or strata living is the outside of the building are maintained by the strata so in most strata complexes there is one gardener to maintain the gardens and landscaping.

 Townhouse Living

Living in a strata will require that monthly strata fees are payable by all people living in the complex and the money is used to maintain the grounds, roads, caretaker, outside utilities and any exercise facilities or amenities such as swimming pools and hot tubs. Townhomes for sale are located on the waterfront, with lakeviews, on golf courses, in neighbourhood communities. Some of these complexes will have regulations or bylaws for pet restrictions and/ or age restrictions. By requesting a copy of the bylaws before you purchase you can see what the bylaws are for each property.

The strata council elected by the owners will over see the running of the affairs and for each strata council meeting there will be written minutes. All the owners have access to these minutes and the financial statements. It is advisable that a buyer also request these documents for the past 2 years when they make an offer on a property in strata.

There are town house complexes located in almost every neighbourhood in the city and range in price from $400,000 to $3,500,000.

Condo VS Townhome

The main difference between a condo and a townhome is the entrance. A Townhouse has an outdoor entrance and often a small yard space.and can feel more like living in a house without the outside maintenance resposibilities. Condos will have a common main entrance and you will enter your residence door from a common hallway.