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Kelowna Restaurants and Food Trucks

Okanagan Valley is an amazing place to be. And its big city, Kelowna, is the wine-producing powerhouse. As you already know, there is never a better match between wine and great food. Kelowna restaurants are the epitome of Canada’s local and international culinary stage. Combine that with hundreds of attractions and you never have a better place to wind down for that overdue holiday. And no, it does not have to be a holiday, a night out with a solo mission to explore Kelowna’s scene of where to eat is all you need.
The locals call this city a palate pleaser, and any visitor who has been here wouldn’t agree more. From A-list restaurants, street cafes, and food trucks; you never go hungry in Kelowna. Wondering where to eat (and down it with a glass of wine) in Kelowna? You could never be in better luck; here we explore the finest restaurants and food trucks at your call and beck.

Must-Visit Kelowna Restaurants

• Bouchons Bistro

For the tastiest French cuisine and feel like you are in Paris, find your way to Bouchons. The red banquets and yellow walls will make native Parisian envious. The mainstay delicacies here are cassoulet Toulousain and duck confit. Everything is fresh and readily plucked from the local farms. Don’t sweat over choosing a bottle of wine or biting your tongue pronouncing a name you can never get right a thousand times; there are sommeliers specifically to help you with the decision. Whether it is regional or French wine you will get it served just the way you like it.

19 Okanagan• 19 Okanagan

Eat local, eat fresh. That phrase never rings home more than it does at 19 Okanagan. Everything is made from local produce. Whatever you eat, it comes with the finest wine you will ever taste. The sandwich here is not your ordinary treat. It comes with firecracker onions, sautéed mushrooms, rosemary jus, and Swiss cheese. Feels pretty much like a three-course meal except that it all comes in one serve. During winter, you can choose a spot by one of the two fireplaces and never know it is freezing outside. When summer comes around, here you have one of the largest patios in Okanagan Valley to never miss the light.

Raudz• Raudz

I knew you would get the pronunciation wrong. It’s Rod’s, a name borrowed from the chief chef and founder Rod Butters. The menu is not static as the restaurant strives to toy around with ingredients to give guests and open a wide frontier of choices. Heard of baked chips and fish? Well, ask for it here for a try and it may immediately jump into your favorites list. Baked fries and cucumber tartar sauce will keep your plate busy. The stringent adherence to local delicacies also extends to the drinks. Wine brewed locally with a touch of seasonal flavors will add icing to the cake after a finger-licking meal. It does not end with the eating; you get a chance to be in a building boasting a century of heritage. The booths and banquets are decorated to stir up your appetite.

Little Hobo Soup & Sandwich• Little Hobo Soup & Sandwich

The exterior is redbrick and the interior is not so much of décor. The perfect tale of an average restaurant, right? Never charge a book by its cover. Little Hobo & Sandwich has clinched the top spot for the most coveted spot to eat not in Kelowna but in the expansive province of British Columbia. You are talking of leading 13,000 restaurants that feed the province of BC. Right from the time you step in here, it feels like home. Breakfast and lunch will be prepared on order and you are not getting stiff waiting for anything to get ready. The partnership duo of Steve MacDonald and Crystal Dougan will make sure you always come back for more.

Waterfront Wines• Waterfront Wines

You are right to assume that you will be literary swept off your feet by the first glass of wine at this place. Wine is a mastery held dear in here. But that is not all you should hope for. Take your seat and wait for the book of surprise menu to be opened. Fresh fish and cocktails of fruits and herbs will make you a regular visitor to this joint. The interior of oak walling once again reminds you that a good meal is never complete without a glass of wine.

Old Vines Restaurant• Old Vines Restaurant

In here, the menu changes every season; you get a prime of the city; and the wine has bagged not one, two, or three Quails’ Gate awards. The grapes are from the restaurant’s garden vineyards and are never sourced outside the valley’s borders. Well, don’t come here promising yourself a certain meal as the menu shifts with seasons. But take my word for it, whatever they serve will make you eat more than your usual fill.

Kelowna Food Trucks to Serve Your Meals on the go

As the weather gets warm, it is always time for Kelowna food trucks to get out of their winter hibernation. Not a fun of restaurant-set dining experience? No problem, you can grab food from the truck around the corner or near your watering hole. So that you know the trucks who serve foods and snacks as equally great as the star rated restaurants, we did the digging for you and happily present to you the top list.

YLW food truck• YLW food truck

In search of the biggest and tastiest burrito in Kelowna? Well, find your way to Highway 97. The YLW food truck will welcome you with a burrito or taco that will make you a regular visitor around here. Tuesdays are Taco days and you had better not miss them out.

• Artists Gelato

How about going it local and fresh all the way? Artists Gelato adds an Italian twist to Okanagan’s local produce, and you will regret you never knew about them a long time ago. That lazy walk to the lake will take a turn for the good and you will be looking forward to the hot season coming around.

Stoked Embers Wood Fired Pizza• Stoked Embers Wood Fired Pizza

Pizza and a promise to taste wine in the same place is a temptation not many people would say no to. Stoked Embers Wood Fired Pizza makes that wish come true. Their truck sets camp at Penticton right at the heart of Blasted Church Vineyards. On a sunny day with hunger pangs that would not wait for a proper meal, this is an offer you cannot resist.

Wasabi Ramen and Izakaya• Wasabi Ramen and Izakaya

Japanese Homemade Ramen noodles and vegetarian, pork, or chicken broth are made daily. Order regular or spicy it is great both ways. Located in downtown Kelowna on Pandosy Ave. People make this a for sure stop anytime they come to Kelowna. Friendly service with informal dining. Closed Sundays and Mondays

Wrap up

Kelowna restaurants, just like the diversified nature of the Okanagan Valley, hold many surprises in store for you. For anyone looking to eat like a king and a budget to burn or someone with a shoestring budget but not ready to dine like a pauper; Kelowna serves everyone to satisfaction. Now you know where to eat and where the wine tastes better. It is bon appétit from us.