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Kelowna Real Estate Prices


In the start of 2017 there were only 267 homes on the market listed for under $700,000 and 446 homes listed for sale asking over $700,000in Kelowna located around good schools, parks and shopping.  People move from all over Canada and the world to live in this amazing city. Kelowna offers a great lifestyle for young professionals (especially in the tech industry) families and retirees.

An average lakefront home in Kelowna sells for about $2to 3 Million and up but prices vary depending which part of lake you prefer.  Condominiums and townhouses are more popular than ever in Kelowna especially for those who are just entering the market or are downsizing from a large home.  The advantages of a condominium are that you can live in a self contained unit practically anywhere in town for a reasonable price.

The average sale price for  a single family residential home in our city is $620,000 and $300,000 for a condominium apartment.  Prices are more expensive the closer you get to the lake but being such small city, the lake is reasonably close for everyone.  People can get across town to most places in less than 0 minutes giving Kelowna a small town feel.


Prices increased steadily from 2000 to 2008 before decreasing for three years.  Today’s market in 2017 is very active and buyers need to pay closee attention if they are serious about finding a property under $700,000 to purchase.They have been on a steady upswing again fueled by out of town buyers from coastal BC and Alberta either retiring here of buying 2nd homes for investments.


The good news about trying to pick a neighbourhood in Kelowna is that there isn’t a bad choice.   Many people live all over town and there is a high level of satisfaction and community pride in every corner of this city.

This  four season paradise located in the heart of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley.  Approximately 120,000 people live here and it’s considered one of the most livable cities in Canada.  Made up of many different communities including Rutland, Southeast Kelowna, the Mission, Downtown, Glenmore, Dilworth Mountain and Black Mountain.  We have two post-secondary institutions, UBC Okanagan and Okanagan College.    There are several high schools including Kelowna Secondary School, Rutland Senior Secondary, Okanagan Mission, Kelowna Christian School and Immaculate Regional High School.


The city of a sophisticated bike route and people commute by bike all year including the winter months.  Kelowna International Airport is one of the busiest in Canada.


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Kelowna is far more affordable than in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, for example, and there’s less traffic here! We have many beautiful neighbourhoods to choose from, from downtown to the spacious acreages of Joe Riche, and everything in between. Learn more here

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