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The Havens of Fun

Kelowna wears many hats. Predominantly, Kelowna is the hotbed for tourism attractions in Canada. Beaches, Mountains, Parks, Lakes, and beautiful scenery; Kelowna serves them all ripe to you. Oh and not forgetting the crown this BC paradise has been wearing for years now: the wineries “sanctuary”. Add wine tasting to your basket of events. Be careful not to take one, two many and forget that it is adventure that brought you here.

What Kelowna promises is urban-rural charm, top of the charts sceneries, a thousand ways to have fun, and most importantly the best meals in Canada. Let’s now train our focus on one of the aspects that makes this small town punch way above its weight in terms of attractions:

Kelowna Parks. With over 30 heavenly parks, you are justified to find it hard to choose where to go; it happens to many people all the time.

How about making your choices few and your decision easy? Here are top Kelowna Parks you must visit.

Vaseux Lake Provincial Park

A drift to the South of Penticton and before you is Vaseux Lake. Behold, it is a beauty and you will for sure drop a jaw. Four kilometers length is not what would pass a massive lake, but wait until it unpacks for you some surprises. There is a small camping ground, a flood of nests for Canada geese, and if you come during the migration season you have a rare chance to spot the atypical trumpeter swans. For the fishing enthusiast, you will have a plenty catch of bass and rainbow trout. Be prepared to knock into rabbits, muskrats, and beavers. Be careful where you step, rattlesnakes may come knocking into your camp.

Myra Bellevue Provincial Park

Kettle Valley Railway may no longer be operational, but a trip to this park is nonetheless rewarding. There are plenty of tunnels and trestles that hikers and bikers literally salivate for. Top on your picks should be the Myra Canyon that traverses two tunnels and 18 trestles. The view up there is spectacular. Don’t bother coming with your bike, there are some for rent at Myra Station’s parking lot.

Knox Mountain Park

For its attractions and tons of activities, Knox Mountain Park is the dream spot for everyone. This is home to 15 trails with varying difficulties right from beginners to pros. The duo of the most darewwwil trails of Paul Tomb and Apex will send a thrill down your spine. Paul Tomb trail will take you first to a cliff jump perfect for the summer, and down steps to a rocky beach. Take the Apex trail if you want to head to the top of the mountain and see Kelowna from a perching high spot. If you are at downtown, it is only 5km to the park.

Fintry Provincial Park

Your first treat of attractions will be the century old barn-like buildings teaming up to form the Fintry estate. Brace yourself to put in some effort climbing 400 stairs to reach the first waterfall. To take your adventure further, you will have to jump a fence and your prizes are the second and third waterfalls. The creepy sound of the waterfalls and the chance to see the Californian bighorn sheep should keep you going even when it gets tough.

Bear Creek Provincial Park

For hiking enthusiasts, this is your dream park. It is home to the longest trails: The Canyon Rim Trail. Bridges, waterfalls and staircases will be common on your way. Do not be surprised if you spot a bear. They are not rare around this area. Some of the other wildlife to add in your list of adventure are coyotes and frogs.

Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park

You got the time and guts to hike for days? Okanagan Mountain Park is an equal challenge with trails that can take you days to finish. Although the infamous 2003 fires almost obliterated Okanagan Mountain’s forest cover, the comeback has been amazing. It is now a popular attraction spot where you can see moose, goats and bears. There are every kind of trees, and most importantly the scenic view from the top is breathtaking (for lack of a better adjective). This is your perfect nature lovers’ place to go and for once leave the rush in the city behind.

Wrap up

Can you really have enough of Kelowna? Not in a lifetime. This may be a small town, but its charm and thousands of attractions never disappoint. It is time to pack your bags, put on the best boots and throw yourself into the midst of Kelowna’s finest parks. You will for sure want to go back (take that to the bank).

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