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Letting the Steam off in Style

Ready for a dance or a let loose from your busy life?You did well to choose Kelowna. The Kelowna nightlife is by all measures way above its pay grade. What you didn’t expect in a small BC town, Kelowna serves it abundantly and beyond expectations. From the big clubs for the money-loaded boys and girls in town, the small-time country guy bars, the who-is-who weekend parties, to the fusion of everything for the laidback guy; Kelowna nightlife comes through for everyone.

The Mixed Basket of Nightlife fortune in Kelowna

What music returns your youth years and dares you to go up the dancing floor? Is it Karaoke, hip hop, good-feel reggae tunes or the local country tunes? Whatever it is, you got in Kelowna. Are you strictly a craft beer zealot? You will be served to the full. Do you prefer the hotel kind of night party? That too is in the mix. Whatever it is that counts to be a perfect night, it is prepared and served in this geographically small town, but too big for fun.

The Sizzling Hot Clubs

• Level

Are you literally looking for a spot to move things to the next level (or to the next down level in terms of crowd age)? Level is the night club for you. Twenties Theme Night goes down here, so if you want to relive your after-teen years you know where it gets real. The night events are from another galaxy with beer, dancing and partying like there is no tomorrow. Sundays are fun and College Thursdays make the week shorter.


There is no higher accolade than being named Okanagan’s Life Magazine’s night club for the expansive central Okanagan. Sapphire proudly wears that hat, and for all the good reasons. You have no reason to travel to the big cities to get a feel of international stature entertainment. The DJs here know how to make crowds party. The music, well, it is all your choice. And the dance floor is bumping in a tempting manner such that you can never resist. There are three rooms each playing its own kind of music. Or is it a special event for you? There are private booths to treat you to privacy and exclusive fun.

Friday Night Mad Fun

• Flashbacks

Nostalgic about the 80s, 90s and 00s music? Flashbacks Nite Club will take you back into your youthful years. DJ Shado is the resident music sheriff on the decks and will happily play your throwback requests. Bring a friend or two and dance the night away in music you can relate to. The fun curtain goes up as early as 9p.m every Friday. Do not be a minute late.

• 97 Street Pub

Step out of Kelowna’s busiest Hotel and step into one of the fanciest pubs on Highway 97 hence the name 97 Street Pub. A live DJ is ready to rock away your every Friday night in pomp and style. There is a Pre-Funkin Music session warming up your after-work mood and starting off your weekend on high note slated for 5p.m each Friday. This is always a precursor of great things to come when the darkness knocks. If Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites is where you are staying, you can as well drink all the money for the cab; you are only couple of steps away from your room.

Country Bars

• Ok Corral

Do you, and sweetheart, have some juice of youth left in your veins? OK Corral is the place for you to relive your red-hot romantic years. Sit back, sip your beer and listen to live country music. You can as well get busy with the dart or at the pool. All that is for Friday nights. For Thursday, how does a night of bull riding and double-stepping lessons sound? You are just getting your spirit up for the weekend.


• Dakoda’s Sports Bar and Grill

A microphone in hand, friends in tow and singing your heart away is the perfect Wednesday night. Well, you got Dakoda’s Sports Bar and Grill to thank for reading your mind. Team up with Crazy Dan to make Karaoke a sport.

The all-under-one roof

• Rosie’s Waterfront Pub

Care for a dance and glass of wine to soothe your throat? Or is it cheering up a match with a bunch of your sport-fanatic buddies? Oh sorry, it is live music for you, right? It does matter not whether you want all these in one place. Rosie’s Waterfront Pub has a big heart and will deliver all of them under one roof. This is the only downtown’s waterfront pub and turns into a beehive of activity during the summer. For the rest of the year you can go down here for live music, gaming, dancing and whatever qualifies to be your nightlife fun.