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For sale $459,900
#11 545 Glenmeadows Road,, kelowna, British Columbia

#11 545 Glenmeadows Road,

Kelowna, British Columbia

3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 1670 sqft
For sale $339,900
#104 1960 Enterprise Way,, kelowna, British Columbia

#104 1960 Enterprise Way,

Kelowna, British Columbia

1 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 928 sqft
For sale $610,000
604 Denali Drive,, kelowna, British Columbia

604 Denali Drive,

Kelowna, British Columbia


Living on Dilworth Mountain

Dilworth Mountain can be seen from just about anywhere in Kelowna.  The first houses were built about thirty years ago and they haven’t stopped building yet.  Nestled between Glenmore and Orchard Park Shopping Centre, Dilworth Mountain is reasonably close to everything yet once you’re there it seems like you’re a hundred miles out of town.  From your home here, it’s less than a ten minute drive to the airport, bridge, downtown, beaches, City Park, cultural district, Kelowna Secondary School, three elementary schools and a middle school.

There are easy to moderate hiking trails with most of them between 1 to 3 KMs.  At Dilworth Mountain’s peak, the best time to take this hike is at night.  At the summit you will overlook a 200 foot cliff but the views of the city are breathtaking giving you a different perspective at how beautiful this community is.

Natural Habitat

Homes in on the mountain were built on larger lots compared to neighboring North Glenmore and many of the homes are on view lots.  With views overlooking the city and Okanagan Lake on one side, Glenmore valley on another while north facing homes overlook the rest of the city towards UBC Okanagan.   It’s not unusual to see a lot of wildlife in their natural habitat while out and about on foot.

Homes are a little pricey starting in the $650,000 to $700,000 while the really nice luxury homes sell over $2 million.  It’s family oriented and many of the homes have swimming pools.  Many people who live on the mountain have commented that one of the least known benefits of living in the community is the air quality is much better than down in the valley because of the altitude.

The only drawback to the community is that there aren’t any lakefront homes, but there are some great lakeviews.  To sum up, people who live on the mountain all love it and can’t imagine living anywhere else in the city.  Homes have aged well and driving around gives you a sense that you’re in an upwardly mobile area.


Houses Over $700,000

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