Boyce-Gyro Beach Lower Mission

Gyro Beach Park

 Gyro Beach Park is located at 3400 Lakeshore Road. It is easily recognized by the distinct red apple concession stand with  snacks and beverages. The beach is a popular place to just relax and go people watching. Better bring the entire family as there are plenty of things to do for everyone from swimming, paddle boarding, sand castle building, volley ball and sunbathing. During the summer there are plenty of people there so better arrive a bit early if you want to enjoy the sun the entire day.

 Okanagan Lake swimming is enjoyed by families during the day,. Fitness buffs and masters swim club tend to go early in the morning to swim a circuit route around the buoys.

As long as there is a lifeguard for your safety, anyone can swim in the lake anytime during the day. If you think you are more than capable of swimming on your own then you can do it even if there is no lifeguard. Of course, better be mindful of your safety when it is a bit dark there already.


Volleyball can be played here. If you know how to play volleyball then there is really not much of a difference with playing it at the beach. The Lower Mission volleyball nets are set up on the grass and impromptu games are played all day The only difference between indoor and outdoor games  is the terrain and the outfit that you are going to wear. Kayaking can also be done and it is a great upper body workout. paddleboarding is another great option and it is a fun way to balance your entire body and take in the views..


Kids love building sandcastles in this area. It will bring out the creativity in them as it would depend on what they decide to build. As for parents, they can swim at the designated area as there is one for everyone.

 Okanagan Beach Rentals

It is possible to rent water sports equipment right on the water like pedal boats, water trikes,  kayaks and paddleboards. Beach chairs can also be rented if you want to just sunbath the entire day. Ask about Sand toys, volley balls, beach balls frisbees and more. Pool floaties can also be rented as well as umbrellas.

 Wheelchair friendly beach

Wheelchairs are available at the beach for those who need them. Believe it or not, there is no additional charge for that. When we are a bit old, we must admit to the fact that we need it no matter what happens.

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