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Don’t Miss Kelowna Festivals & Events

Kelowna is BC jack of all trades and unbelievably a master of them all. The best place to eat, Kelowna; top attractions to drop your jaws, Kelowna; where to eat, drink and rave all night; Kelowna; events and festivals to occupy your entire year calendar, Kelowna. And this is being modest not to be judged for bragging.

What more would you ask for a small city down deep in the Okanagan Valley?

Kelowna festivals and events are in another league. They are plenty and you can never be in a better place. Whether it is culture, food, drinks or just having fun; you will find a perfect fit for you any season of the year. Let’s stop the talk and tell you what Kelowna has on offer from January to December and begin it all over again.

Ribfest Kelowna 2019

Ribfest, a rotary club, throws locals and visitors a three-day festival. You do not pay a dime to attend, but the fun will make you attend for three days in a row. The festival goes down at Kelowna City Park with ribbers from all the corners of Canada coming to showcase their skills. The BBQ competition is the main attraction ending with a public vote for the winner. The music will get you off your seat to boast a few of your good moves. Beer, local foods, and more fun will be served with no limit. Come over here, and your taste buds have never felt better.

Kelowna’s Pride Week

This is a feel bright festival anticipated for by everyone. It is an entire week of having fun, eating, drinking and doing whatever mayhem you never get time for. Pooches parade and Drag Superstar Competition are two thoughtful inclusions. Put on your bright colors (with the rainbow your inspiration). Once the week comes to a close, you will for sure want to keep it bright for a long time.

Dragon Boat Festival

Do you cherish the thrill that comes with a race? Well, Kelowna Dragon Boat Festival promises nothing but adrenaline explosion during this race. Corporate big shots will battle it out in 200-meter race; 800-meters will be for the lovers of thrill. Wait until the blindfolded riders jump into the water with thundering engines ready to race and you will crack your ribs with laughter. Take your entire family to Waterfront Park for the vintage view of the races. On the sideshows you will have plenty to eat and drink.

Big White Rally Racing

If you thought the snow dampens the mood in Kelowna’s finest racing drivers, you had better take that back. The Big White Rally is ready to go down and you can never be indoors when the fun is let out of the bucket. This is not a local event as it attracts attendance from North America’s finest rally champions. The pomp, color and fun attract viewers in their thousands as they cheer their favorite teams.

Rock the Lake

K96.3 station is all about rock and makes sure to preach that message with the Rock the Lake Festival. It is a big day having great classic rock bands going up the stage one after the other. RocknRoll is the primary theme of this festival, but craft beers and food trucks serving local delicacies will make sure you are not going home soon. It all goes down in the weekend of mid-August at the Prospera Place. Attend this festival and you will always mark the date on your calendar.

Across the Lake Swim Kelowna

Since its inception in 1949, Across the Lake Swim has been getting big and better. It is the crème de la crème of swimming talents for Kelowna and beyond. The talents showcasing here are terrific and if this is the status of swimming proficiency in Canada, no one is drowning any time soon. The 2.1km swimming race across Okanagan Lake is not for the faint-hearted. Come out to enjoy the sun and witness a thrilling explosion of guts and prowess on water.  

Okanagan Bridal Expo

This is a fashion extravaganza for those who want to get an idea of what to wear during their wedding. Well, you do not have to be a bride or bridegroom-in-waiting to attend. You will be entertained and get a chance to see a masterpiece fashion craft that you only see in the international arena.  

Take away

Can we really enumerate all the Kelowna Festivals and events? Honestly, no. It would take ages to have an exhaustive list and take you days to read through it. We decided to make it short and easy for you. Our choices here are for the top and much talked about festivals and events in Kelowna. Make a point of attending a few and you will always look forward for the date to come around each year.