Condo Living In Downtown Kelowna


The Pros and Cons of Living In Downtown Kelowna British Columbia

British Columbia can brag about some of the most beautiful land in all of Canada, and that’s saying something! The small city of Kelowna is not only home to the Okanagan branch of the University of British Columbia, but to thriving communities that enjoy a mix of art, culture, and natural beauty from the surrounding area that is tough to beat. When looking at living in this fair city, there are several good reasons to look at what a place in downtown Kelowna has to offer, sometimes also referred to as Kelowna North.

Why Look At Downtown?

The Kelowna Downtown has been revitalized in many areas and offers many activities from beaches and parks to a lovely lakeside walkway.

There are many good reasons to look at the downtown area. Remember the old saying of “Location, location, location?” There’s little question that the downtown is the place to be. There are plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants, not to mention almost every venue is within a few blocks’ walking distance.

In addition to this, the City Park is not far away and connects to the wildlife reserve. There are an array of impressive beaches by the lake that are well maintained, and it’s never hard to find a social setting going on in the area. The boardwalk is something to see, and if you prefer a day in the city, you can visit the art gallery, enjoy the wineries and golf courses, or simply spend a day going from coffee shop to coffee shop.

In the winter, there is free outdoor skating, and plenty of other activities to encourage going out even when the weather might be a bit rough.

Even for rural types, Kelowna North isn’t a bad deal because Knox Mountain Park is only a mile away and a mile or two after that has you in the mountains, on the trail, and away from the hustle and bustle of it all. It really shouldn’t be all that surprising that this area has exploded as a tourist destination, as well as a favorite destination for residents in British Columbia.

The City Center has plenty to offer

– Incredible location, close to almost everything
– Center of the action
– Great lifestyle ROI on your rent
– An endless array of choices when it comes to restaurants, wineries, craft breweries, entertainment, beaches, shopping etc.

– One of the pricier areas of town to live in
– You are urbaner based, which is a con if you like the rural lifestyle
– Traffic can be heavy

In Conclusion
There are many beautiful cities throughout British Columbia, and it’s not hard to understand why Kelowna is so popular with so many citizens. Everyone wants to visit some part of the downtown area or the wonderful parks, beaches, and other attractions that connect directly with North Kelowna. Why live further away and have to deal with all that traffic when you can enjoy living much closer to the action? It’s not going to be for everyone, but most people will enjoy the benefits that actual downtown living here offers them and their friends and family.



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