Kelowna Homes For Sale


There are a variety of homes in all price ranges from $500,000 for a small 2 bedroom home up to $8 million for a lakeshore acreage. Kelowna has something for just about every lifestyle.

Many families and senior couples move to Kelowna for the great weather and the wholesome lifestyle. With a 90 mile fresh water lake at our fingertips and the beautiful mountains surround our community it feels like we are in the perfect setting.

If you have a price range in mind or a special type of home that you are looking for, please give us a call and we can search out the perfect one for you! We love a challenge and we know Kelowna! We moved to Kelowna from Vancouver 20 years ago to raise our family and we never looked back, it has been an amazing and rewarding lifestyle choice for us.

Residential Sales Year To Date October 2017

There have been 2,450 residential sales to date at an average sale price of $717,000. With the cost of detached homes become unaffordable for many, we’re going to see the gap between condo and home sales continue to shrink as buyers see a condo as the only option open to them. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as people will live closer to the core of the city which will help revitalize the downtown and relieve traffic congestion from Upper Mission, Glenmore and Lake Country.

Kelowna has seen alot of changes over the last 20 years and the past year has produced even greater changes in our market. There has been a large increase in new construction in condo building, new homes and with the changes in RU7 zoning we are seeing many more duplexes and four plexes referred to as infill housing being build in Kelowna South and North.

If you are thinking of purchasing or selling a condo or house please give me a call. I can give you an estimate of value and sips on how to get more money from the sale of your property.