Purchasing an equestrian farm & house is easier said than done

It requires research and effort on your part to ensure an appropriate purchase is being made based on your requirements.

Here are some of the key tips for buying an equestrian farm and house:


1) Assess Quality of Stables

Are the stables going to stand the test of time? Will they be able to house the horses and not break down? You never want to deal with issues where the stables fall apart on you a week later.


2) Paddocks Are Important

Paddocks are necessary so your horses can go out and exercise. It helps keep them active, and that is going to lead to happier horses in the long-term. Don’t ignore this valuable component.


3) Assess Drainage

Does the water drain well? Do they have a good system in place or are you going to have puddles everywhere? This is something to assess right away because it could lead to major issues.


4) Inspect For Lime

You want to swab the topsoil to make sure lime isn’t an issue. The horses are going to require the right soil under their feet and checking for lime is a solid starting point.


5) Easy Access to Open Farmland Helps

Farmland is critical for exercising horses, and you have to figure this out as soon as you can. Don’t go to a place where the horses are restricted because it will hamper their ability to stay healthy.


6) Acre Per Horse Is Good Starting Point

The general rule of thumb is to go with an acre per horse. So, if you have three horses, you want to go with land that provides three acres.


7) Tack Rooms Are Useful

Where are you going to put the saddles and other equipment? You want a storage option in the form of a tack room. It will help keep things clean and orderly.


8) Determine Budget To Aim For Luxury Amenities

What is the budget going in? Can you spend on luxury facilities that will add to the property? This is something you will want to look into.


9) Dedicated Work Space Matters

You should be looking to build a little office for yourself, so there is a spot to sit during the day. Many people look at the entire house, and this is something your budget will determine.


10) Analyze Building Plans Beforehand

Imagine you want to knock down a portion of the property but you can’t. This happens to those who don’t examine building plans to see what’s under their name and what’s not. You don’t want to be in a legal bind later on because you didn’t notice this aspect.


These are tips everyone should be looking at when it pertains to buying a Kelowna equestrian farm and house. It is going to change your perspective and ensure you make a purchase that is worthwhile in the long-term.