30 Days to Letting Go, 1 Room at a Time: The Kitchen

When you speak of downsizing from house to apartment, it seems like a novel idea, a way to live with only what’s essential. However, actually beginning the downsizing experience can make some homeowners stop in their tracks. Evaluating a home for the essentials can be stressful and if you’ve lived in a home for quite some time, it may feel like you’re getting rid of memories and not just things. The best way for you to start downsizing is to take 30 days to go through your home and get rid of the things you no longer need or use. One of the best places to start is the kitchen, because it often holds a variety of items and is a smaller space than most in your home.


What Haven’t You Used?


Downsizing and Kelowna donationsStart out in the kitchen by assessing your china. Have you had more than five people over for dinner in the last few years? Chances are you don’t need that setting for 12. You can either keep the pieces you want for family or giveaway the whole set.  Many of us have gone to a baseball game or theme restaurant only to come home with a gaudy souvenir glass. When was the last time you used these? Put them in the donate box, and only keep the glasses you actually use. The same goes for an extensive collection of wine glasses that only collect dust.


What Haven’t You Eaten or Baked?

It’s time to browse your cupboard and see what needs to go. Have a cardboard box ready so you can take donations to the local food bank. Take down all of your canned goods and think about whether you’ll use them in the next two weeks or if they can go. You should pay attention to spices, because they don’t last forever. The small print may make it hard to read the label, but try to see if you can see a best by date. Do you have any baking ingredients? If you’ve not baking in six months, why waste the time boxing and hauling the items to your new home? Try donating the baking supplies to a Woman’s Shelter.


What Can You Live Without?


You may love cooking and feel that a lot of your kitchen items are absolute necessities, but think again. Take out all of your pots and pans individually, then any kitchen gadgets. Have you used that panini maker or waffle cooker in the last year? If not, let it go, as it’s taking up valuable real estate in your kitchen. What about lids that are missing their pans, or vice versa? You may be holding on to these items in case you find a match for them later, but do you really want to pay to move these? Go through your extra mugs, plates, cups, bowls, silverware, and serving dishes, keeping only what you need. Do you need two pasta strainers? No, not necessarily.


Downsizing can be daunting, but it helps to audit your belongings in a small space first, such as the kitchen. You’ll be surprised at how much you can actually let go of, once you’ve started going through your cabinets, drawers and cupboards. The process is will help you whittle away the tools and items you can have in your new kitchen.


In Kelowna places that would welcome your donations

Downsizing and the Kelowna food bank The Kelowna Food Bank (250) 763-7161  is located at 1265 Ellis St, Kelowna, BC
Kelowna Food Bank They accept canned goods and packaged goods such as macaroni and cereal

The month of May is a Can A Day at The Kelowna Food Bank

Donate to the Kelowna Womans ShelterThe Womans Shelter  (250) 763-1040  #6- 368 Industrial Ave Call before dropping off donations as they are only accept on certain day. They welcome cooking and baking sheets and utensils . For larger items such as chairs, tables and appliances please call them as they do not have room at the store but may know a family that needs them.


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