Kelowna Housing Update. Gratitude Edition

Kelowna week ending December 18 2022

 25 brave souls took the plunge and purchased residential real estate in Kelowna last week. Prices were all over the place with one selling over $5 million and four more between $600,000 to $700,000. December will likely be a bit slower than usual factoring in the weather. As of today we’ve sold 2,344 homes this year and I’m still clinging to the raft of hope that we’ll hit 2,400 for the year. 200 transactions a month is about the minimum for a sustainable real estate industry in Kelowna with the numbers of lawyers, conveyancers, inspectors, appraisers, Realtors, movers, mortgage brokers, assistants and everyone else who help keep our housing market advancing forward. 

 For those of you who make it to the second paragraph of these updates 

Kierra and I want to extend a huge outpouring of gratitude for the support, friendships and sharing of ideas over the past year. This has been one of the toughest years ever when it comes to determining the price of a home with so much fluctuation in values and external factors no one has control over. We haven’t been right as often as we’d have liked over the past year but we appreciate you coming to this little corner of the internet listening to us trying to figure things out.

 We sure drank a lot of coffee this year. In closing, thanks for reading or watching all year. Support local coffee shops. When you’re there try talking to a stranger and pick the largest tip option when they hand you that little debit machine.

 Enjoy your holiday season and if you would like to meet for a coffee with Andy or Kierra,

please give us a call or email. We love to chat!

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