Kelowna Housing Update for the week ending April 21 2024

Best Week Of Housing Sales In Kelowna For April

It was a huge week here in Kelowna with Realtors recording 64 residential sales. This is up significantly from the 43 we recorded the previous week and the 53 recorded the same week in 2024. The average sale price was $1,007,000 and the median sale price was $892,000.

The majority of homes last week sold under $1 million and only 3 sold over $2 million.

Six homes sold in Black Mountain and seven sold in Lakeview Heights. Five more in Glenmore.

Apartments and Townhouses were up also. We sold 26 apartments last week which is up from the 19 sold the previous week. Townhouses were more active also with 15 sales last week compared to 10 recorded the previous week.

So, what happened? If you’re a regular reader you know we’ve been experiencing small but consistent increases in unit sales numbers but we’ve been waiting for the spring market to finally kick in. It likely happened last week with all the activity and is likely to continue with things being kind of back to what we consider normal now. Regardless, let’s take a minute to pause and appreciate the increased activity.

Kelowna Weather Prediction for May 2024

For May 2024 in Kelowna, British Columbia, we can anticipate typical spring weather, which usually features mild temperatures and a mix of sunny and rainy days. The average temperatures in Kelowna during May often range from lows of around 8°C (46°F) to highs of 20°C (68°F). There's a moderate likelihood of precipitation, as May is one of the months with higher rainfall, contributing to the region's lush spring bloom. Days are generally longer and warmer as the month progresses, but preparing for occasional showers or thunderstorms is wise, especially in the afternoon. Remember, this forecast is based on historical weather patterns, and actual conditions can vary, so it's good to check closer to your dates of interest.

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