Exploring Southeast Kelowna on a Bike

A cyclists guide to visiting wineries

It’s warming up here in Kelowna and as the streets in town are being cleaned and more an more cyclists are out and about, especially on weekends, let’s take a look at one of the best ways to see the city. On a bike.

Let’s randomly begin at Vibrant Vines winery on 3240 Pooley Rd. You can choose to start anywhere in town and cycle to begin. For example it’s a 6km ride from Rona and 7km from Gyro Beach parking lot. Nothing too intimidating really.

You won’t look out of place visiting a winery on a bike even if you’re wearing spandex with impractical cycling shoes. At most wineries a tasting can last as short as 10 minutes or up to 30 minutes. Most places allow you to eat your own food on their property and depending on their liquor license they might let you buy a bottle and drink it there also.

From Vibrant vines we’re going to ride a short Meadow Vista Honey Wines on June Springs. This isn’t too hilly a ride and should only take about 10-15 minutes along Rose Rd. This part of the ride takes you through orchards and you’ll see apple trees, cherries, grapes etc. No need to hurry as it’s best to slow down and breathe in what this part of the city. There's very little traffic and quite safe.

Same drill at Vista Honey Wines at 3975 June Springs Dr. A short break and a chance to sample more wines. The challenge that comes with doing this on a bicycle is that it’s difficult to purchase anything and leave with it. Wineries will provide shipping for you but it might be practical to have panniers attached to your bike. Let’s not over complicate this first time out.

Next stop is Priest Creek Family Estate Winery located at 2555 Saucier Rd. This isn’t going to be too challenging as it’s just under 3km with a few undulating hills. Again, it’s a safe ride and everyone living in this part of town is aware of cyclists on the road.

Next up is Spearhead Winery at 3950 Spiers Rd which is about a 10-15 minute cycle if you take Todd Rd. There is a quicker way along Spiers but Todd is a nicer ride with better views and pace is slower. Spearhead is winery stop number five so it might be a good idea to wind things down after this stop. It’s an easier ride back into town as it’s downhill mostly anywhere towards the lake.

For the ambitious out there you can begin and end at Sandhill Estates Winery downtown on Richter in Kelowna’s north end. This would represent a 10km ride up to Vibrant Vine to start and another 10km down once it’s over. All in all this tour will take about 3-4 hours depending on how fast the slowest rider is. There are many tour companies in Kelowna who will organize this but many of us prefer touring at our own pace allowing plans to change quickly.

Reach out if you plan on being in Kelowna this spring or summer and Kierra and I might join along with this.

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