Welcome to my Kelowna Real Estate Weekly Blog. This is where you will read about some behind the scenes activity that you wouldn’t normally see or might not know about. Nothing too off the wall or all that unusual about being a Kelowna real estate agent because fact is most of the time I’m driving around town going to or from appointments or sitting at my desk in our Orchard Plaza office talking on the phone.   Most people who start blogs don’t follow through on them. I’m sure you’ve noticed that some blogs go years without updates or new entries because although the idea seems worthwhile, they’re really tough to write. This is especially so for those of us who aren’t writers to begin with.

Blog with Andrew Smith

I’ve been writing a regular blog for over eight years now. Some are more interesting than others and most, as you would imagine, are about housing issues facing buyers and sellers in Kelowna. I’ve learned that the housing market is headed for a downturn when my phone goes a week without ringing and I know it’s headed for a surge when it’s gets tough to book a home inspector. I’ll pass little tidbits like this along to you and will always try to add a little humour and levity. Click here for my Kelowna Real Estate Blog   Some entries in the past have been about my seven marathons and two Ironman finishes. I sometimes write about my family or things Jo-Ann and I do on the weekend. Lately I’ve been writing about hiking trails in the area under Kelowna Things To Do My blog, my rules.   I’ve stopped promising weekly blog updates because things just don’t work out that way. Sometimes I’ll go two weeks without writing and sometimes you’ll see four entries a week. I write when I have a spare half hour and something interesting to say.   Andrew Smith is on top of the Kelowna market and the flow of real estate ups and downs, he reports the updates weekly at www.okanaganbc.com. Andrew is actively involved in Kelowna and has been blogging about Kelowna real estate since 2008 and is often referenced by the local media outlets. You can often see his name around Kelowna on many for sale and sold real estate signs.